Primetime is driven by both creativity and analysis. And by 35 employees who are dedicated to their work. Together we solve communication tasks in virtually all genres. The world is complex. Therefore, communication must be simple. It may sound banal, but we take great pride in our customers being seen, heard, and perhaps most important understood. By their customers, collaborators, opinion leaders, and legislators. We can not force anyone to listen. But we can ensure that the gap between message and receiver becomes smaller. And we are quite good at that.

Founded in 2001 and today one of the largest communication agencies in Denmark. We are truly full-service: All competences under one roof. Employees with a background in journalism, graphic design, political and social sciences and communication, and in-depth experience within almost all sectors, and renowned for long-term customer relations.

Part of the international communications company – EDELMAN

Primetime is an integrated part of the world’s largest privately-owned communications marketing firm. This means that we have a daily dialogue with the other Edelman agencies around the world. Globally, Edelman has 4,800 employees and offices in 67 countries. As a customer, it means that you can easily access Nordic or European markets or a global solution. Everything can be scaled to suit your needs.

Edelman is a family-owned agency and it can be felt. Both on culture and on long-term investments made by the company, and the employees skills to ensure that the leadership position is maintained. Read more about Edelman here.


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