Issues Management + Leadership

Issues Management + Leadership

Issues Management, and the ability to handle and manage a crisis, is one of the most important skills the leadership of a company must have.

The way through difficult issues and crisis depend on the right strategy. But it is also about pace, execution, and management power when things get urgent. Primetime can help you with strategic preparation and concrete actions.

Primetime is perhaps that agency in Denmark, who has been advising most companies and organizations throughout crisis. Our advisors have tried a lot and have experience from the Danish media industry and parliament. We advise you in every type of crisis – from traditional media crisis to shitstorms on social media. At Primetime we have our own TV studio and professional camera operators, and we can on a short notice lead you through a message and media training to make sure you are prepared.

Christian Bentsen

Senior Advisor

+45 51 24 53 55