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University of Copenhagen

Award-winning information campaign

Each year, the University of Copenhagen receives more than 20,000 applications, but there is only room for 7,000 students. Unfortunately, there is always someone who chooses the wrong education the first time they apply, loses motivation and drops out before the study is completed. The University of Copenhagen wanted to communicate to applicants for the bachelor programs that they need to know what they are applying for before applying. Gut feelings are not enough when choosing a qualified, settled choice of education.

Primetime has developed a campaign for the University of Copenhagen, which is based on solving this task.

The goal is to recruit talented young people from all over the country. But they must make a choice on an informed basis, so that the drop-out is reduced, and the University of Copenhagen optimizes the use of study places. The campaign was digital and students, student counselors, and teachers appeared in films and other content on the University’s website and social media.

Primetime’s work for the University of Copenhagen led to a “PR-tiger”, which is a Danish PR award, and won ‘Best Digital Campaign’.

Tobias Enné

Creative + Digital director

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